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Hey Abhik here, below you’re going to read my brutally honest Niche profit Classroom Review, from an actual member, and find out what I really think about Niche Profit Classroom.

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In this review I’ll reveal the good points AND bad points of NPC, and Whether or not it would be a good decision for YOU to join. It might be, it might not be.

However, what I don’t want to do is to simply “repeat” all the features and goods you’ll get inside.

This is a review and that is exactly what I’ll provide you with.

If you’d like to simply take a sneak peek inside the actual members area, and see what you’ll get once you sign up, watch the video below:

What Exactly Is Niche Profit Classroom?

NPC 3.0 is a membership site where Adam Short and Alen Sultanic (the founders), teach you how to build 5 to 10 page niche sites that aim to make $500 to $1500 per month each.

Everything is taught in a step by step manner, a literal blueprint to follow.

The course focuses mainly on generating free search engine traffic, acheiving top rankings in all three major search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing as well as leveraging social media traffic.

The method they teach is proven to work not just by the owners (which is often the case), but more importantly by their members too.

I have personally built dozens of sites using their methods and variations of them for the past 5 years…and the last 2 years with major success.

What Will I Learn Inside Niche Profit Classroom?

Here’s a brief breakdown of what you’ll learn:

Create simple 5 – 10 page “under the radar” websites with the goal of earning $500-$1500 per month, largely on auto-pilot once you’ve done the initial setup.

Suck in unlimited free search engine traffic by targeting what they refer to as “money keyowrds” using their properitery Money Word Matrix software

Effortlessly funnel visitors into your optin list which can result in 5-10% sales conversions to either your own product or the affiliate offer you’re promoting.

A step by step method for outsourcing the creation of your own product for dirt cheap. (I always use this method to create most of my niche products)

How and to put your niche site on auto pilot once you’ve done the ground work

What Makes NPC Different To Other Guides and Memberships?

What makes NPC stand out when compared to other guides and products you’ve probably purchased is, it’s an actual step by step blueprint…literally just follow the steps in other order presented.

All the tools, software, and information is self contained within the membership, so you don’t need to look outside the membership area for anything else.

Adam and Alen care about your success. This is a rare thing in the online community where most “gurus” do everything under the sun to get you buy their stuff, but once you’ve bought there’s no support afterward.

Good Points That Make NPC Shine

The entire system is taught using videos primarily. This makes it very easy to follow the blueprint

The support you get from the community and Adam and Alen themselves

The tools, software and templates including complete niche packs makes certain you’re not left hanging on any step

Weekly webinars with “hot seat” sessions. This means you can get live on the call and they’ll answer your specific questions

For the awesome value NPC offers, I find the price is ridiculously low

The Bad Points

X While the blueprint is extremely step by step, if you are relatively new, the amount of content can be overwhelming.

This can leave you thinking incorrectly, that you need to go through everything before you actually start building your sites and making money. (My live case study will solve that for you)

X The personal attention? Those niggly little questions you may have may not get answered fast enough as they have too many members to support. (Again, check out my bonus to see how I’ve decided to go the extra mile to erase those hurdles for you)

X Their method for niche research while based on a proven formula…for experienced marketers like myself present a key missing link. (You will find out what that is in my “Niche Blunders” bonus report).

Choosing niches my way will give you an unfair advantage over other NPC members.


If you are serious about creating a life of freedom and want to follow a proven blueprint for success then I’d recommend you invest in your future and Niche Profit Classroom 3.

If however, you’re in that endless “buying products” mode, and want to find a magic bullet that’ll pump money into your bank account, don’t get it!

If you’re willing to put in a little bit of elbow grease and simply follow a blueprint, then I would venture to say that NPC 3.0 will be one of the best decisions you’ll make this year.

Exclusive Niche Profit Classroom Bonus

The exclusive bonus offer you’ll receive when you get NPC through me is in the form of an ACTUAL LIVE CASE STUDY using the NPC blueprint (with some secret tweaks of my own).

I will be doing EVERY step, captured on video so all you have to do is literally copy what I do, but in your chosen niche.

It’s one thing to get a blueprint, and detailed steps on “HOW” to create a profitable site….it’s quite another, when someone with real experience shows you “DOING” it in front of you with a REAL site.

No “hypothetical scenarios”, no “for example here’s what you do” stuff….I’m talking “here’s what I just did…and you just watch”!

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Niche Profit Classroom has just gone live! Adam reveals one of his niche sites that’s making $6000 per month.

You will learn the unique niche marketing approach he uses which eliminates virtually ALL the risk when choosing a niche in which to create a profitable site.

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Before I tell you what makes Niche Profit Classroom 3 even better than what’s already there in the current version, let me share, what made the creators Adam and Alen make the improvements in the first place.

At the heart of the improvements are three questions the guys at NPC asked themselves.

- How can they save you more time spent on your niche business

- How can they make you more money

- How to get their members an even better understanding and control of their business for increased profits

Well, here I have listed the 5 ways they’ve improved their classroom. (This will make more sense to you, if you’re already a member….if you’re not…what are you waiting for?)

1. A Brand New Classroom Structure

Classroom Level 1 – You will learn how to create a profitable niche site WIHTOUT your own product.

Classroom Level 2 – You’ll learn how to create your own product and take your existing affiliate niche site and take it to the next level. In short you’ll make a LOT more money with your own product in most cases.

2. Niche Profit Press

This is waaay cool. With their new version you will be able to create your entire niche site with COMPLETE automation. Literally a couple of clicks and your site will be live in a matter of seconds.

3. Market Profiler

This is very powerful as it stands curently, but with the new version they’ve tuned into a “push button” system. Awesome results at ten times the speed.

4. New Software

You will now get access to their Mini Course Creator. This makes your job of coverting subscribers into cash paying customers without you having to get creative and doing much work, super easy.

Just fill in the blanks for your chosen niche and you’re good to go. These templates are PROVEN to convert.

The sales letter wizard improvements will likely startle you…pleasantly :)

You will now be able to create sales letters that not only convert, but with custom design features that will make your prospects “want” to take their wallet out and give you money.

5. Improved Traffic Blueprints

Having discovered traffic systems (all free traffic) in the past year, they will share the traffic blueprints that drive more targeted traffic to your site, faster than before…and with less effort.

They’ve actually got a lot more cool stuff in the new version that I haven’t included here as I need to wrap up this post.

If you decide it’s for you, make sure you get the exclusive bonus you will NOT find anywhere else.


get niche profit classroomThe purpose of this post is not to dissuade you from investing in Niche Profit Classroom, but to make it crystal clear as to why it may not be a good idea for “you” to get it.

So here goes :)

Do NOT get Niche Profit Classroom if you answer yes to the following:

1. NPC is just one of the products you’re thinking of buying this month! In other words, if you find yourself in the endless buying cycle and are a sucker for every product launch in internet marketing…honestly, don’t bother with NPC. You need to focus on their system and stick it out for at least a month.

NPC 3.0 shows you how to build a REAL niche business. It’s not a quick hit wonder where you’ll get results with 30 minutes of work.

2. You are literally “allergic” to the thought of a bit of work:)

3. You’re naive enough to think that paying for the product will some how siphon money into your bank account as if by magic.

4. You’re constantly hopping from trying your hand at pay per click, to you tube tricks, to SEO. Niche Profit Classroom focuses on a proven system of generating organic traffic and building a niche business.

5. You can’t follow dead simple directions!

6. You cannot manage to find just 4 to 5 hours per week to work on your niche business. There’s no hard and fast rules of how slow or fast you complete the steps…but you need to put in just a few hours a week.

7. You are so new to the internet that you think www stands for “why”, “where” and “what” :)

If you don’t fit the above, then you’d be wise to get niche profit classroom.

Make sure you check out my niche profit classroom bonus where you’ll literally watch me build a profitable niche site on video. You’ll see, what exactly goes into creating a successful site.

If you have ANY questions, please ask below, I’ll be sure to respond.